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StratNav is an intuitive, collaborative application that visually illustrates major programme strategies that relate to your organisation and / or markets needs.

Our Government ICT portfolio map integrates the high level plans and goals of 8 complex programmes. The map is complicated but clearly illustrates programme interdependencies and the relationships between goals and plans across the portfolio. We have addressed the complexity of 8 word documents and 500+ pages of text.

We can help you make a simple and compelling proposition for your solutions within the complicated value chains in the map.

  1. We have created and shared this view of publicly available information for the common good, it is open to challenge and you could help to improve it – just Contact Us.
  2. Our clients work with us because we quickly develop unique perspectives of their value propositions to drive their procurement or bid deliverables.
  3. This specific view of your value proposition’s benefit to Government’s key goals will improve your success rate with a more insightful, valuable and compelling campaign.
  4. If you are struggling to see the light within a “portfolio of things” we will map it within a week. Contact Us with your disparate migraine of Word / Excel / Project / Visio “stuff”.

Getting started

  1. You can access the maps with a quick registration, just click:

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  2. When registered just select either the Gov ICT Map or LfE Map tab at the top of the page, or learn how to navigate a collection by clicking:

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  3. Read a map or collection summary by clicking:

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View Collections

  1. Government ICT

    A big picture of the major programmes within UK Government information strategy portfolio. If you are acquiring capability for departments, bidding for IS programmes or implementing information technology enabled change programmes these maps will help you understand the end game.

    Includes: Civil Service Reform, Department IS, Digital Strategy, Cyber, Gov ICT Strategy, G-Cloud, PSN, EUD and Greening ICT

    Gov ICT >>

  2. LfE / Defence Experience of Programme Risk Drivers

    We see many “Lessons Identified” but often not learned so this map shows the cause and effect chain by examining MOD and NAO published findings on the common causes of cost and time overrun for public sector programmes. Main Gate Business Case (MGBC) guidance seeks Learning from Experience (LfE) – you can develop case evidence of lessons learned against these “Lessons Identified”.

    Includes: Programme 1, Programme 2, Major Causes of Programme Risk / Failure, Programme 3, Programme 4 and Programme 5

    LfE >>

How we work with Maps

  1. We develop specific maps that associate stakeholders with portfolio “success factors” and develop campaign and benefits management plans.
  2. Our applications integrate cost / benefit (Excel) and schedule milestones (Project) within the models. This allows cost, benefit analysis of options in minutes, not days.
  3. Decision support is provided because we can adapt models to assess options for phasing and scope.
  4. Our collaborative environment allows change and performance to be governed and understood by everyone that needs to be involved.
  5. We reduce the stress caused because risk, benefit, schedule, stakeholder and performance MI is fragmented.

We produce maps collaboratively for public consumption or within a discreet community on a case by case basis! If you can help us improve our maps for common good, or we can help you differentiate your campaign:

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